Web Designer Issue 291

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Published 20th August

The user interface is the key component between a device and you. It is the visual communication that brings whatever you are using to life. 

UI design is not just about the visual though. As our lead feature writer Daniel Schwartz points out, “UI design is about usability. UI design is about how the form aids the function." So what is on offer in our UI design feature? The main crux of the article is demonstrating how to build your own design system. What do you need to include? Fonts, typography, colours, buttons, links, components — it all sounds so simple, but the further you dig the more intricate it becomes. Find out how to create the different elements, and perhaps more importantly, make them work together. To aid the process, Daniel recommends some key tools, offers some expert advice and answers some essential questions you may well have.

Getting your beautiful designs in front of eyes is crucial, and to help make this happen we have employed the talents of Found, who live and breathe digital marketing. They reveal the seven essential SEO strategies you need to be implementing in 2019 to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition. As Found’s Hannah Thorpe points out, “Google is pushing information to users rather than waiting for them to pull it”. So make sure you are ready to take advantage. And, as always we have a host of top quality tutorials for you to enjoy. Happy reading.