Web Designer Issue 290

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Published 23rd July

CSS is top dog when it comes to styling on the Web. And the specification is simply getting better and better. There are so many exciting features that are now ready to go, or very close to getting the green light across the browser support board. That’s why Web Designer decided it was time to get a closer look at what’s happening in the world of CSS. For our latest lead feature, we have employed the talents of Michelle Barker (@MicheBarks), a front-end developer at @ordoo, blogger at @CSSInRealLife and Mozilla tech speaker. 

She delves into how custom properties (aka CSS variables) work and offers a few demos. She also takes a look at Feature Queries, Media Queries, CSS Shapes, CSS Grid, SVG and CSS Filters, Variable fonts and scroll snapping. All the cool CSS stuff you need to know today.

A good friend of CSS is CodePen, and we have CodePen Pro Adam Kuhn revealing a few of the creative code playground’s secrets. Ever watched CodePen TV? But there is much more than just watching. He explains the benefits of going Pro, why you should use templates, how to get connected to the CodePen community and more. 

Plus, we have tutorials on SVG, JS animation, Sapper for fast builds and a look at Angular 8. Enjoy.