Web Designer Issue 289

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Published 25th June

JavaScript is no stranger to web designers and developers. But, like pretty much everything on the web, it is always moving forward. The core language itself is constantly on the march, which means the surrounding ecosystem of tools, APIs, libraries and frameworks will all be following in its footsteps. 

We were just remembering when jQuery was all shiny and new. But, while its legacy is still with us there is a whole host of new, better(?) and more focused options out there today. So, in the latest issue of Web Designer we have brought together a collection of some of the best libraires, APIs, tools and frameworks that will simply make your JavaScript life better.

Facebook has around 2.3bn monthly active users, while Instagram has around 1bn. That’s a lot of people. But the hard part is engaging and reaching an audience. Web Designer (@WebDesignerMag) has over 65k followers on Twitter, but we want more. Nicolas Copeland, Head of Social Media at Lush, delves into five of the big social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube) and gives an insight into how you can use them to get yourself seen and help build a bigger and better brand. 

As always there are plenty of tutorials including animation, HTML, CSS, Bulma, Slack, Node and how to tweak your SEO strategy. Enjoy.