Web Designer Issue 286

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Published 2nd April

Designing a new site and app for your latest project? What tools are you going to use? Every designer has their go-to collection, but as the web evolves, so should your arsenal of tools. 

This issue we bring you a host of the latest, greatest and newest tools that you should add to you current collection. Carl Cahill has put together a list that will improve any designer’s workflow. Included in the lineup are some big hitters. Check the new features, and find a host of tools that you might well never heard of — but you will be glad you have after trying them out. Whatever type of designer you are, we can guarantee you will find something to add to your creative collection.

Building great mobile user experiences needs the right tools, but tools are not the complete picture. We take a closer look at how PWA’s (Progressive Web Apps), SPA (Single Page Apps) and Performant Design can combine to help you build a native-like web experience. 

Plus, we have tutorials on how to build a free dynamic site fast with the help of static site generator Jekyll, CMS Siteleaf, and use Github to host the site for free. Learn how to use the Speech Recognition API to allow users to input text into forms via voice, and animate SVG with CSS and more. Enjoy.