Web Designer Issue 285

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Published 5th March 

UX is all about giving people a great experience. The better the experience you can give people, the more popular a site or app is likely to be. 

This issue we bring together a whole host of UX features and tutorials to guide you through the world of UX, to help you join the revolution or kickstart the next stage of your career. 

We kick-off this special issue with the key rules and best practices that any user experience designer needs to know. Keeping these company we have 20 of the best UX tools and resources that you can get your hands on right now. We have slipped in a case study from Lush that gives an insight into how UX can be applied in the real world. From here, discover key components of the design process including research and strategy and how to sketch and storyboard.

Moving away from the design process, Leah Buley from InVision talks design teams and Joss Cook reveals what happens in the typical week of a UX designer. There is top advice on how to produce a better portfolio, get into UX design and ace an interview. On the practical side we have tutorials on how to prototype with Adobe XD using the Auto-Animate feature, how to wireframe with the popular Sketch tool and design UX-friendly forms. Enjoy.