Web Designer Issue 284

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Published 5th February 

What’s the difference between poor design and good design? A good font and the right colour palette accompanied by perfectly timed call to actions go a long way to getting a design right. 

In our lead feature designer Joss Cook reveals how to use the power of fonts, colours, call to actions and dark patterns to influence the users’ subconscious. Find out why choosing the right fonts matter, how to use colour to reinforce your brand message, how colour works with accessibility, when to introduce  a call to action, why you should opt for persuasion over dark patterns, and get expert insight on how to make a good first impression. Plus, discover the best people to follow and the top tools to use. 

Getting back to the more practical, we have a seven-page guide on how to get creative with WebGL and shaders. We show you how to code stunning interactive backgrounds that will work across all devices. Get ready to impress.

Keeping these company, we have a host of top-quality tutorials. Learn how to build responsive layouts with Grid and Flexbox, manage Redux state with Immutable.js, get productive with npm, design with CSS shapes and optimise your keywords. Enjoy the issue!