Web Designer Issue 282

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Published 11th December

This issue Web Designer brings you a CSS special issue. Perfect for sharpening up your CSS skills. 

So what’s on offer? We kick off with eight pages all about CSS animation. This takes you from storyboarding through to implementing a simple project, while passing transitions, keyframes, performance and SVG animation along the way. 

Want to know the ins and outs of CSS Grid? We take you through the basics and beyond, and offer a few tips along the way. Find quick and easy tips on how to lighten the code load and get faster-loading sites with some essential optimisation techniques. Power up with the popular preprocessor Sass and learn how to style a site. 

OOCSS, ACSS, SMACSS or BEM? Discover the best CSS methodologies and how to combine for the perfect set of rules and best practices for you. Plus, CodePen engineer Cassidy Williams shows off her CSS art skills, and we look to the future with Houdini.