Web Designer Issue 281

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Published 13th November

Google has so much on offer for developers and designers. In our latest lead feature we take a closer look at Chrome DevTools and how they can help you tweak and create better performing code. Find out how you can use Material Design to build smart, uniform design patterns. We take a peek at how PWAs and AMP are good news for mobile, but also work well with desktop. Plus, there is a comprehensive list of the best YouTube channels that you need to watch, essential resources and a selection of GitHub repositories that enable you to get closer to the code that Google is creating.

If web animation is your thing, then you know that GSAP — aka Greensock — is an industry-standard tool for dynamic designs. Find out how to create tweens, use timelines for complex animations and introduce control over animations. Plus, discover what callbacks are, how to integrate with Three.js to create even more impressive animations and discover a collection of plugins to add more power and poise to the animation platform.

Elsewhere we have a collection of in-depth tutorials to help create the elements you want in your designs. Start by learning how to add contemporary glitch effects to text and images with just the power of CSS.