Web Designer Issue 280

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Published 16th October 

Without HTML where would we be? HTML is a much different animal to the one that was knocking around in the Nineties. It has grown with the web and now offers so much more. But using it the right way is what’s important.
In our latest lead feature, Matt Crouch looks at the essential elements and APIs that HTML has to offer, why you should be using them and how they should be used in everyday design.

Keeping HTML company are its two favourite friends, CSS and JavaScript. Discover a collection that will complement HTML and your builds. 
Elsewhere we go beyond the traditional confines of the web and look at how the Web of Things is connecting hardware and the browser. Thanks to the Internet you can take control of hardware without even having to touch it. Learn how to build a simple example. 
In the final part of our Three.js series, Richard Mattka shows you how to load complex 3D models in WebGL. If you have the complete series you will have no problem creating some impressive 3D. If you want to get a back issue, head to www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/web-designer-print-back-issues. 
Want to add some smart transition effects to video? Then make sure that you check out Mark Shufflebottom’s Curtain.js tutorial.