Web Designer Issue 278

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Published 21st August

JavaScript is everywhere today. A new release is happening every year and in our latest lead feature we look at what’s new in ES2018. 

Coinciding with JavaScript’s modern-day emergence a host of new libraries and frameworks now hold a place in developers’ and designers’ arsenals. We take a look at the popular and most commonly used choices — Angular, React, Node and Vue — and the latest updates for each of them. 

Continuing along the “what’s new” theme, we take a closer look at Google’s SDK, Flutter. Find out how it is helping create beautiful cross-platform native apps and get a quick guide on how to build your first app. 

New fonts are always making an appearance, which inevitably leads to new typography styles. We check out some of the best free and paid-for fonts currently available, and throw in some essential Photoshop tricks to make sure that your carefully selected fonts stand out in your designs. 

We like to think that CSS Grid is still new, and it’s about time everyone learned how to get the most from it. Work through our five-page guide and discover how to create super-flexible, shape-shifting layouts and a fallback for unsupported browsers. Enjoy the issue.