Web Designer Issue 277

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Published 24th July 

Remember CSS back in the old days? Technologies and libraries that used to be outside helpers are now slowly being merged into CSS as formal standards. Just think CSS Grid: how far away is that from using tables for layouts? 

In the Web Designer 277 we take a look at the latest, greatest and, more importantly, the most useful updates to CSS. Alongside CSS Grid, we take a closer look at @supports (AKA feature queries); how to apply CSS Filters; what you can do with CSS Variables; some lesser-known background-repeat properties; aspect ratio media queries; how to use blend mode; how to apply object-fit to images; and, to finish, we look at five upcoming additions to the specification that deserve your attention.  

What else do we have this issue? What are the best tools and techniques to streamline your design workflow? We show you how to go from wireframes right through to the development handover using Sketch and Zeplin. 

Elsewhere we look at the cognitive chatbot revolution that is happening and why developers need to embrace chatbot tools. We also get answers to what accessibility issues could arise, and what the future may hold for conversational AI. And there’s more: get the third part of our Getting started with Three.js series; how to build a real-time feedback app with React; how to deploy to Google Cloud; and much more. Enjoy.