Web Designer Issue 271

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Published 8th February

What makes a good web page/site/app design? It’s a pretty broad question but you can guarantee that it will include fonts, colour and layout, all essential components in the design process.

This issue Web Designer brings together a swathe of tips, techniques and insight on fonts, type, colour and layout. It kicks off with a closer look at why you need to pick the right font, what a font portrays to the reader, the golden rules for picking font combinations and what is trending in the world of typography. UX/UI designer and Better Web Type author Matej Latin reveals his six steps to achieving meaningful typography. Then it’s on to colour. Discover what you need to know to get the perfect palette, how colour and accessibility should work together, the tools to help get the perfect colour scheme and what colours suggest to users.

We take an in-depth look at the process of creating and designing layouts and how CSS Grid fits into the process. There is also a peek at what lies ahead for layouts. CSS Regions anyone?

Do you want to build a HTML page in double-quick time? Of course you do. We reveal 10 of the best static site generators to help make this happen.

Plus, we have the usual collection of must-read tutorials and interviews. Enjoy.