Web Designer Issue 268

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Published 16th November

CSS and animation are good friends on the web. Need to add a little dynamism to a project? Then give CSS a call.

In the latest issue we have scoured the web looking for the best-in-class animations to dissect, and reveal the code needed to recreate them. There’s 20 killer techniques that range from the inspirational to the practical. Check out flying birds, animated text drawing, mesmerising mandalas and much more.
All code is included, making it even easier to recreate. Plus, try out five of the best CSS animation libraries on the web to add even more smart animations to your projects. Start experimenting now. As an added bonus, see the cover in action and check out the code (bit.ly/2zmoY72).

APIs are not just the domain of software. As browsers have evolved, so have HTML, web and third-party APIs. Simon Jones chooses a selection of the best to help you start building for the next-generation web. Learn how to use Service Workers and get creative with WebGL.

What else do we have? Get a practical guide to Google and Firefox’s browser consoles, learn how to get 60fps on animation and make interactive 3D text.