Web Designer Issue 267

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Published 19th October

It’s rare that web design truly hits a revolutionary period. But, that is what is happening right now. It’s all still in the browser, but VR and AR are adding new realities, new dimensions and new experiences for users.

WebVR is a little ahead of WebAR, but both have matured enough to be considered realistic options when building new experiences. Web Designer 267 this gives up essential advice on the steps you need to take when planning and building. Get an insight on how to build WebVR experiences, the tools you will need, inspirational examples, how AR will influence UX, what is MR, how to create 3D art with augmented reality app World Brush, while web developer Keith Clark gives us the lowdown on his experiments with CSS and VR.

On more established ground, get an in-depth look at SVG. Front-end developer Steven Roberts reveals why you need to be using SVG in your projects, how it can be used, the tags used, how to apply filters and effects, how to add animation, how to create an SVG sprite and some examples to inspire and impress.

Finally, it’s onto the one common denominator, browsers. If only there was one. There isn’t and that’s why we need to test. Find out the best free tools, how to automate tests and the best practices to avoid compatibility issues. Phew. Enjoy.