Web Designer Issue 266

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Published 14th September

HTML, it’s here to stay and getting the best you can from it will ensure better builds. It could be argued that frameworks such as Angular and React are what developers really need to keep up with. But, using frameworks means using HTML at some point.

HTML is no longer a set of semantic tags – it boasts a whole set of APIs which allow for a wide range of rich functions. In our lead feature (page 42), discover the latest features and APIs on offer and how they could be used. Learn how to build your own browser-friendly video library, work with Canvas, get cleaner code and discover five things you shouldn’t be using HTML for any more.

PWAs – or Progressive Web Apps – sit within the HTML spectrum, but what are they and why should you care? Author of upcoming book Progressive Web Apps with React and full stack developer Scott Domes gives a practical insight into the world of PWAs. Find out why they are important, the problems they solve, the benefits they bring and a step-by-step guide on how to convert an existing app to a PWA.