Total 911 Issue 166

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Published 16th May

991.2 GT3 RS DRIVEN! We've tested Porsche's new Rennsport on the de-restricted roads of the Isle of Man before pitting the car against the 996 and 997.2 GT3 RS to find out how the car compares to its water-cooled predecessors. Is the 991.2 the best 911 GT3 RS of all time? Elsewhere, we get up close to the £1.5million 964 RS 3.8, Porsche's rarest Rennsport for the road, and there's a buying guide for the 996.1 GT3 – the only GT3 generation without an RS ahead of it. With a test drive of a road registered 993 Cup car and a look at Porsche's secret RS from 1974, issue 166 is dedicated to Porsche's lightweight specials!