Total 911 Issue 163

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Published 21st February

REVEALED: the 911s you need to buy in 2018! In Total 911 issue 163, we show you the eight best value 911 models you need to find space for in your garage right now. From the humble SC right up to a 991.1 Turbo S, there's a car for every budget, with advice from the experts on why these specially selected cars are going to be good news for the year ahead. Elsewhere in the issue, we pit the new Carrera T against its in-house Carrera rival on fast UK roads, and delve into the archives to look at some of the rare – but non Paint To Sample – hues that have adorned the hips of a 911 over the last five decades. We've also got spy shots of the upcoming 992 Turbo plus there's a buying guide to the 996 Turbo, which at £40,000 is the best value supercar on today's market.