Linux & Open Source Annual (Vol. 3)

Linux & Open Source Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
Linux & Open Source Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
Linux & Open Source Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
Linux & Open Source Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
Published 9th November 2017

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We have crammed as much as possible from the year's issues of Linux User & Developer magazine into this 2018 Linux & Open Source Annual, from key developments in the world of open source, to the most exciting tutorials to improve your systems and solve issues. This is a treasure-trove of Linux and open source knowledge, from the evolution of GNOME in its 20 years of life, to essential fixes and on to awesome projects like getting better servers in only 24 hours. 

Catch intruders
- Build a honeypot, lure in attackers and study their methods 

35 essential fixes
- Here's how to solve common problems that arise now and again

Enhance your system
 Packed with useful tutorials and tips to make Linux work for you

Programming in Linux
- Get to grips with the command line

- 20 years of GNOME

- Linux and the rise of supercomputing

- The future of money and open source

- Secure your system

- Get better servers in 24 hours

- Use OSINT techniques to protect your servers

- Prevent SSH attacks

- Secure your legacy systems and software from malware

- Bug-sweep your code with SourceClear

- Take charge of the command line interface

- Find and exploit CMS security vulnerabilities

- Configure a LAMP stack

- Using pipelines, grep and cat in the terminal

- Shell scripting tips

- Manage VirtualBox from the command line

- Ultimate distros and apps

- Total distro toolkit

- Set up Monit to monitor processes

- Monitor your network with Munin

- Sandbox applications with Firejail

- What's new in Linux Mint?

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