Linux Format Annual (2018)

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Published 14th September 2017

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Linux Format has draw together all the best features, tutorials, projects and interviews into a special annual.

Let the No.1 Linux magazine guide you through the world of Linux and Free and Open Source software will a compilation of the best longform features from the ultimate terminal guide to setting up an open source smart home, ethical hacking and essential sysadmin tips. 

After you’ve had a feast for your eyeballs, get your hands dirty with a host of projects (Build a Super Pi, Revive your old PC, Install Linux on a MacBook, IoT programming and more) and tutorials (Build your own Darknet, Set up and SQLite 3 DB, Make beautiful graphs with Graphviz, network security scans with Nmap) 

We’ve broken everything into easy sections, covering important topics such as the essential guides, privacy and security, projects (with a healthy slice of Raspberry Pi), system administration and programming skills.

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