Windows 8: Power User's Guide

Get more out of Windows 8 with this power users guide
Windows 8: Power User's Guide

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Become a power user with the Tech Pro Series Windows 8 Guide. 
Discover the secret tools of Windows 8 and unleash it's true potential. Try Windows 8.1 - Microsoft's ultimate free upgrade and learn how to protect your files with cast iron security. 
With over 164 pages of power in this one handy guide you will learn how to conquer Windows 8 and use it to it's full potential. 
Chapters include:
  • Enhance the features of Windows 8 to make it work better for you
  • Power up Windows in minutes with simple tricks and tricks
  • Go under the hood and discover powerful tools in Windows 8
  • Explore the new features of Office 2013 to help you work smarter

Published: August 2013
Dimensions: 297 x 1210 mm