Windows 7: Power User Guide

Get the most out of Windows 7 with our essential guide!
Windows 7: Power User Guide

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Windows 7 still reigns supreme as Microsoft’s most popular operating system ever. Even those who have long since updated to Windows 8 may gripe that they preferred 7, and many have even chosen to ‘downgrade’ their brand new PCs! Whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ve made a good choice because Windows 7 is, despite being a few years old now, still seriously capable, and Microsoft will continue to provide support for it for many, many years to come. The same, sadly, can’t be said of the positively ancient Windows XP which, after a magnificent 15 years of service, is now being axed by Microsoft. Support has ended, and unless you do something soon, you’ll be sitting on an unprotected PC, vulnerable to viruses and malware. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to upgrade to Windows 7, so fret not. 
You can then find out the many ways you can make your Windows 7 PC even better. Contained within you’ll find speed-up tips, ways to customise your PC, and much more. It’s the essential manual for Windows 7.
Features include:
  • Speed up your PC.
  • Customise your interface.
  • Master your media! And more!

Published: April 2014
Dimensions: 297 x 210mm
Pages: 160