The Ultimate Guide to iTunes and iCloud

How to master iTunes 11 and step-by-step buide to every iCloud feature
The Ultimate Guide to iTunes and iCloud

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From the publishers of MacFormat The Ultimate Guide to iTunes & iCloud guides you through everything iTunes 11 has to offer and help you master it all.

Introducing all the new features and how to speed iTunes up, automate it, share tracks with other people, and even play your music and movies throughout the house. Advice for choosing from the latest iPods, wireless speakers and other gear.

Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, playing your songs on your computer or an iPod, we’ll help you make more of your music.


iTunes Essentials
Discover het to know all the new features in iTunes 11, master all the options and find more music

Advanced iTunes
Discover how to speed up iTunes, control it from your iPod, share your songs, and more

iCloud and Streaming
Enjoy all your music anywhere, watch iTunes video on your HDTV and create online backups

iTunes Accessories
Expert buying advice on the best wireless speakers, headphones and other vital kit



Published: February 2013

Pages: 146

Dimensions:  210mm x 275mm