Get Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts

Get fighting fit with our Boxing workouts!
Get Fighting Fit:  Boxing Workouts

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Whatever your fitness goals, boxing can help. Anyone who’s done a ‘boxercise’ class or sparred with another boxer will tell you just how energy sapping it is. It’s a power sport, endurance exercise and all-over body workout rolled into one. If you get into boxing, you’ll get really fit and have bundles of fun in the process.

The last point is key to the success of any exercise regime. Get Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts has been designed to keep you interested and motivated, while delivering the kind of fun, strenuous and varied workouts that will burn fat and build muscle.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to punch, move and defend yourself in the ring, alongside training drills and complimentary ‘general fitness’ exercises. You’ll also find training plans and workouts designed to keep you motivated, fight fat and give you a thorough grounding in the basics of boxing. Take our advice, and you’ll be fighting fi t in no time at all.

Features include:

  • Boxing training.
  • Workout plans.
  • General fitness

Published: March 2014

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm

Pages: 128