Science Uncovered April 2014 Issue 5

Missions to Mars: Questions answered on the Red Planet.

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Science Uncovered April 2014 Issue 5:

With NASA set to test its Orion spacecraft in space for the first time later this year, we take a look at the technology that will finally take astronauts to the main target – Mars. We also explain why these first explorers on the Red Planet may answer some important questions, such as how life got started here on Earth. PLUS discover what happens inside your brain when you hear music you love and whether music lessons really boost children's IQ.

Take a look at the new discoveries about Neanderthals that show they were a far more intelligent, sensitive bunch than we've been led to believe, and see the contact lenses that can tell what's going on inside your body. And finally, our Ask a Scientist team answers your questions, including: will Britain eventually erode away to nothing and how did the Moon form?