Retro Gamer Issue 177

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Published 25th January

Inside issue 177: We kick-off 2018 with a spectacular 42-page feature that covers the greatest games systems of all time, as voted by you, the reader. We’ve also interviewed 48 gaming legends who discuss your favourite machines.

The Greatest Games Systems Of All Time
48 gaming celebrities, including Yu Suzuki, Trip Hawkins and Chris Sutherland discuss your favourite home systems.

The Making Of…
This month we speak to Howell Ivy about Venture, the world’s first arcade adventure game, and Nick Bruty about creating Earthworm Jim’s loopy sequel.

Ultimate Guides…
Our latest in-depth guide reveals everything you’d ever need to know about the Master System version of Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.

From The Archives
Paul Neurath, Ned Lerner and Warren Spector, reveal the impact they made on PC gaming during the mid-Nineties.

And much more, including…

Roland On The Ropes, Rocket Knight Adventures, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3