Retro Gamer Issue 200

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Published 31st October

Inside issue 200

We celebrate our 200th issue with a special one-off edition. Join us for a journey through the ages as we speak to 60 industry insiders, including David Braben, Trip Hawkins, Nolan Bushnell, Steve Russell and many, many more. Discover how videogames have evolved since the Sixties and learn why retro gaming is more popular than its ever been.

Celebrate our 200th anniversary with an amazing double-sided poster featuring pixel art by Army Of Trolls and map work of Melkhior's Mansion by Craig Stevenson, as well as an incredible Turrican CD filled with 14 incredible Chris Hulsbeck remixes.

The Big Bang
We speak to Steve Russell, who created the first traditional videogame in the early Sixties. Discover how the games industry kicked off!

The Making Of
We speak to the creators of World Of Warcraft and learn how it became the most important MMO of all time.

Guest Speakers
David Braben, Trip Hawkins, Gregg Mayles, Mark Cerny and David Darling highlight how gaming has evolved over the last five decades

The History Of
Roger Kean, Julian “Jaz” Rignall and Steve Jarrett are just a few of the people who talk us through the birth of videogame magazines

Developer Interviews
Our many interviews this issue include Matt Smith on the impact of Jet Set Willy, Steve Race recalling  the popularity of Sony’s Playstation and Éric Chahi on the rising popularity of VR gaming

And much, much more, including…
Tetris, Pong, Rise Of The Bedroom Coder, Super Mario 64, Wii Sports, Minecraft, The Rise Of Nintendo, 3D Gaming, CD-ROM, The Beginning Of The World Wide Web, Online Gaming, Atari: King Of The Seventies, Brave New Open Worlds