Retro Gamer Issue 198

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Published 5th September

Inside issue 198: This month we learn how Sega teamed up with coding geniuses M2 to create the fantastic Mega Drive Mini. We also delve deeper into M2’s history to learn how it’s become one of gaming’s best ambassadors for classic games.

Creating The Mega Drive Mini
Hiroyuki Miyazaki and other key Sega staff explain how they’ve made the best current mini console on the market. 

Master Of Retro: The Story Of M2
Naoki Horii and other M2 members explain how a love of games and technology 

The History Of…
Chris Sawyer talks us through the ups and downs of his excellent Rollercoaster Tycoon strategy series

The Making Of…
This month we look at the 8-bit games, 3D Space Wars and Astroclone, go behind the scenes of Blackthorne, and discover how Ubisoft created the FPS, XIII

Ultimate Guide
Our latest guide focuses on Sega’s Shadow Dancer and examines its bosses, levels and conversions

Developer Interview
Learn how The Software Toolworks went from being a shed-operated business to rubbing shoulders with the likes of EA and LucasArts

And much more, including…
Antstream, Rocket Ranger, Francois Lionet, Bomber, Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja, HyperBoy, Neo-Geo Fighters, Famicom Titler, Pacer, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX