Retro Gamer Issue 197

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Published 8th August

Inside issue 197: This month we celebrate the incoming release of Shenmue III with an in-depth look at the classic franchise. Series creator, Yu Suzuki is on hand to talk about Ryo Hazuki’s past and his exciting future. Don’t miss it!

The Story Of Shenmue
Yu Suzuki takes time out from Shenmue III to talk about the difficulties of creating the original Dreamcast games and what you can expect from the greatly anticipated sequel

The Making Of…
This issue we look at the Codemasters budget games, Super Hero and Super Robin Hood, go behind the scenes of Andrew Braybrook’s C64 blaster, Morpheus and find out how Samurai Shodown was created

Ultimate Guide
The latest games to get our exhaustive feature treatment are Tecmo’s Gemini Wing, the brilliant Super Star Wars and Electronic Arts’ Urban Strike

Developer Interview
Discover how Amiga developer Black Legend saw a gap in the market and supported the machine during its last few years of service

And much more, including…
Donkey Kong II, Klax, Rainbow Islands, TeraDrive, Mega Drive Shmups, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Virtua Stick, The Sims, PS2 Simple 2000 Series, Feel The Magic XX/XY, Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night