Retro Gamer Issue 194

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Published 16th May 

Inside issue 195 - Feel the burn as Alex Ward talks us through the excellent Burnout series, which helped reinvent the arcade racer. We also look at cult classic Skool Daze and speak to Raffaele Cecco about the evolution of Cybernoid

The history of Burnout
Alex Ward explains how Criterion Software’s cult arcade racer became a smash hit AAA franchise

The Bluffer’s Guide To Immersive Sims
Warren Spector and other key figures explain how the likes of Deus Ex and System Shock shaped this exciting genre

The Evolution Of Cybernoid
Raffele Cecco reveals how Equinx and Exolon led to his popular 8-bit shooting series

The Making Of…
This month we go behind the scenes of 3DO’s Army Men, The X-Files: Resist Or Serve and the recently released Ultracore

Ultimate Guide
Our latest guide focuses on the brilliant Spectrum hit, Skool Daze. Discover all the aspects that made it so much fun to play

And much more, including…
Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Formation Armed F, Earthworm Jim 2, Tower Studios, Mark Greenshields, 3D Control Pad, Analogue Super Sg, T2: The Arcade Game, Guilty Gear