Retro Gamer Issue 193

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Published 18th April

Inside issue 194, Ed Boon explains how his brutal one-on-one brawler has evolved into one of gaming’s most popular franchises. We also chart the evolution of Paradroid, examine the stealth genre and speak to graphic artist, Stoo Cambridge about his interesting career  

The Evolution Of Mortal Kombat
Discover how Ed Boon and John Tobias created one of the most popular fighting franchises of all time

The Bluffer’s Guide To Stealth Games
We speak to key developers and learn how the likes of Castle Wolfenstein and Metal Gear changed the genre forever

The Evolution Of Paradroid
Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner explain how Graftgold would continually craft its classic 8-bit masterpiece for new systems

The Making Of…
This month we go behind the scenes of Neversoft’s excellent Gun, the ambitious first-person Mega Drive shooter, Zero Tolerance and the kid-friendly, Nerf Arena Blast

Ultimate Guide
Our latest guide is dedicated to Alex Kidd In Shinobi World, easily the Master System’s greatest crossover game

And much more, including…
Road Rash, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Casio Loopy, Virtua Cop, Mastertronic, Kingsoft, LaserActive, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Centipede