Retro Gamer Issue 191

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Published 21st February

Inside issue 192: This month it’s a Bitmap Brothers special with two great articles dedicated to the hit developer. In addition to celebrating how the company helped make Nineties gaming cool, we also go behind the scenes of Gods and its brand-new remaster. Don’t miss it!

The Bitmap Brothers: The 16-bit developer that made gaming cool
Mike Montgomery and other members of the team explain how they purposely cultivated a cool rockstar image to make their company stand apart from the rest. We also speak to Steve Tall about the original Gods and Nils Hammerich about his new remaster.

The Making Of…
In addition to Gods, we also go behind the scenes of cult Spectrum game, Fat Worm Blows A Sparky, tile puzzler, Split Personalities and the classic point-and-click, The Longest Journey

Ultimate Guide
This month we play through Bounty Bob Strikes Back, race around the apocalyptic tracks of Badlands and shoot for goal with International Superstar Soccer Pro

Developer Interview
Our latest interviewee is Chris Shrigley whose fascinating career has covered everything from the humble 8-bits to more modern consoles

And much more, including…
Amstrad CPC, Defender, Zillion 2, The Tri-Formation, Amidar, Total War, Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos, Top 25 PS2 games, Terracon, Bonanza Bros, Resident Evil 2, Eliminate Down