Retro Gamer Issue 190

Retro Gamer Issue 190
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 190
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 190
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 190
Includes Shipping
Published 24th January

Inside issue 190:
Yoshiaki Hirabayashi looks back at Capcom’s hyper-charged sequel and reveals how he’s reinventing it for a new generation. We also look at the many spin-offs of Mario and take to the skies with Galaxy Force.

Resi-recting Resident Evil 2
We look back at the impact of Capcom’s sequel with Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and discover what he’s planning with his exciting looking remake

Mario: Master Of Spin-offs
We look at the many, many offshoot games that Nintendo’s portly plumber has starred in, from Super Mario Kart to Mario Tennis

Mixing It Up
Discover how games like A Link To The Past and Super Metroid have benefited from the use of game randomisers

The Making Of…
This month we go behind the scenes of Pac-Man clone, Fast Food, Amiga blaster, Ruff ‘N’ Tumble and Frontier Development’s Dog’s Life

Ultimate Guide
We walk on the wild side with Irem’s brawler, Vigilante and blast across planets in Sega’s Galaxy Force

Developer Interview
The month we speak to Tony Takoushi about his fascinating career in videogames, from creating games in his bedroom to joining Sega

And much more, including…
Operation Wolf, Topa Soft, Super Metroid, Divine Divinity, Joust, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, Xi-Sai, Naomi games, Arca’s Path VR, Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom and Super Smash Bros Ultimate