Retro Gamer Issue 189

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Published 28th December

This issue we speak to Sega legends Takashi Iizuka and Kazuyuki Hoshino to go behind the scenes of Sonic Adventure. The duo explain the trials and tribulations of reinventing Sonic into the world of 3D, and delivering a game that would make the Dreamcast shine. But, of course that's not all…

The Making Of…
We speak Andrew Braybrook about his C64 puzzler Intensity, and the Graftgold love doesn't stop there as Steve Turner reveals the story behind Bushido. We also peek behind the curtain of DMA Design's Space Station Silicon Valley. 

Atari Jaguar
To celebrate 25 years of Atari's hardware swan song, we round up developers and hobbyists to talk about the console's legacy.

Ultimate Guides
A trio of guides for you to chew on this month. Master the likes of Mega Man II, Jungle Strike and Ninja Gaiden with our must-see features.

Also Inside
Poster Paster, Coktel Vision, The Buffer's Guide to Detective Games, Bob's Bad Day, Diablo III, Peter McConnell, PlayStation Classic and much more!