Retro Gamer Issue 188

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Published 28th November 

Inside issue 188: Rediscover your love for Sony’s first console with our amazing access. PlayStation developers explain why its technology was so important in our latest issue. We also visit the legendary Arcade Club and look back at the history of Baldur’s Gate.

Inside the PlayStation
Mark Cerny, Mike Dailly, Chris Roberts and others explain how Sony’s console ushered in a new generation of gaming with its cutting-edge visuals

The Making Of…
The month we speak to Andy Palmer about the excellent Arcade Club, the Oliver twins share their thoughts on Fantasy World Dizzy, while Scott Adams gets nostalgic for The Count

Ultimate Guide
Our latest features examine Tad Corporation’s slick arcade platformer, Toki and PlayStation hit, Spyro The Dragon

Developer Interview
The month we Kevin Edwards tells us about coding on everything from the BBC Micro to the PlayStation Vita

And much more, including…
Double Dragon, Pac-Man, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Devil Crash MD, Bits Studios, Gamate, Splatterhouse 3, Baldur’s Gate, Trespasser, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Neo-Geo Mini