Retro Gamer Issue 186

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Published 3rd October

Inside issue 186: With Fallout 76 on the horizon we felt it was the perfect time to open the vault door of the earlier games. Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Tim Cain and others reveal the origins of Bethesda’s apocalyptic series.

The History Of Fallout
Brian Fargo, Tim Cain, Chris Avellone and other past Fallout members look back at how the series survived cancellation and became one of gaming’s biggest franchises. We also look at the art of 16-bit loading screens and speak to Team17 about returning to its retro roots.

The Making Of…
The month we speak to Raffaele Cecco about his platformer, Stormlord and discover the origins of Krusty’s Fun House.

Ultimate Guide
Our focus this month is on Capcom’s excellent sequel, 1943: The Battle Of Midway and Visco’s Neo Drift Out: New Age Technology.

Developer Interview
The month we speak to David Mullich about his fascinating career that includes working on Disney’s first videogames and teaming up with H. R. Giger.

And much more, including…

Warlords, Frogger, The NeverEnding Story, Game Gear Tuner, Sky Diver, Wonder Boy In Monster Land, WJS Design, Demo One, Sin & Punishment, Wonder Swan