Retro Gamer Issue 185

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Published 6th September

This month, we celebrate 40 years of Space Invaders. Creator Tomohiro Nishikado talks us through Taito's iconic blaster, while industry veterans asses its cultural impact.

Of course, that's not all. We delve into the world Codemasters' simulator series of budget games; David Darling and the Oliver twins provide mini-making ofs your favourite bargain bin delights. We visit Éric Chahi's legendary platformer, Another World, in our Ultimate Guide. David Jones talks about his career and Magic Knight. We take a deep dive into Raiden and give you tips on how to vanquish its bosses. And we go behind the scenes of Syphon Filter, Batalyx and the Neverhood.

It doesn't stop there, either! There's much, much more including: Game Gear, Lotus 3, Lords of Thunder, Shenmue I + II and Ice Climber!