Retro Gamer Issue 182

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Published 14th June

This month, we have a Mega Drive special! Alongside our Mega Drive cover feature, we’re also throwing in a mini-mag about the games you must own for the system and a sticker sheet of iconic Mega Drive imagery.

Inside The Mega Drive
We take in-depth dive into the hardware that made Sega’s 16-bit powerhouse so remarkable. Takashi Iizuka, Rieko Kodama, Trip Hawkins, Mark Cerny and Matt Phillips all reveal their stories about the much-loved system.

The Making Of…
The month we go behind the scenes of Savage, Rock N’ Roll Racing and EyeToy: Play.

In The Chair
Composer Matt Gray is in our interview hotseat this month and talks all about his career from his Compunet days to working with chart-topping artists.

Ultimate Guide
Rev up your engines and get ready to master Wec Le Mans in our latest guide. If racing isn’t your thing, then grab your machine gun, it’s time to delve into Mercs!

And much more, including…

Building The Build Engine, Software Projects, Digital Fantasia, Nintendo 64, Micro Machines, Kirby, and much more!