Retro Gamer Issue 180

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Published 19th April

Inside issue 180: This month we speak to Mike Montgomery and Dan Malone about their excellent 16-bit run-and-gun, The Chaos Engine and discover why it remains one of the Amiga’s best-loved shooters.

Inside The Chaos Engine
We speak to Dan Malone and Mike Montgomery about their epic 16-bit blaster, rate all the conversions and discuss the disappointing sequel. We also look at the history of Battlezone and learn what happened to Sonic Crackers.

The Making Of…
The month we go behind the scenes of Total Eclipse, Arx Fatalis, Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin and discover what went wrong with the tragic Renegade III

Developer Interview
Ken Williams takes time away from sailing around the world to give us a rare interview about the formation of Sierra Online

Ultimate Guide
Our latest essential guide examines Sega’s exhilarating racer, Power Drift.

And much more, including…

Legend Entertainment, Commodore 64 Games System, Mickey Mania, Bomb Jack, Super Aleste, Dino Crisis 2, Wulverblade, Under Defeat, The Saga series