Retro Gamer Issue 179

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Published 22nd March

Inside issue 179: This month we have a special Pac-Man double bill that shouldn’t be missed. Tod Frye reveals the story behind his Pac-Man port for the Atari 2600, while we also look at Namco’s isometric hit, Pac-Mania.

This issue of Retro Gamer also includes a fantastic double bill of great gifts. We've an amazing CD featuring 12 remixed SID tunes courtesy of as well as an incredible double-sided poster that showcases the Commodore 64 and the amazing artwork of Bob Wakelin. If you love 8-bit you do not want to miss this issue.

Our Pac-Man Double Bill
Tod Frye reveals how he struggled with money and success after porting Pac-Man to the Atari 2600 and becoming an overnight millionaire in the process. We also look at the brilliant Pac-Mania and discover how the Grandslam home conversions were made.

The Making Of…
The month we go behind the scenes of the smash Sega hit, Aladdin, cult Spectrum blaster, Dark Star and the Amiga’s gloriously violent brawler, Moonstone A Hard Days Knight.

Developer Interview
We travel to Rare to meet Gregg Mayles and discuss his impressive career, which has run across nearly three decades at the prestigious company.

Ultimate Guide
In addition to our fantastic Pac-Mania feature we’ve also found time to complete Konami’s awesome shoot-’em-up, Parodius. We look at all its home conversions and its many kooky bosses.

BBC Micro: King Of The Clones
Developers reveal why Acorn’s 8-bit micro was so good when it came to creating arcade clones or creating accurate home conversions.

And much more, including…

Quicksilva, Factory Panic, Nex Machina, Dreamcast, Metal Gear Solid, Jurassic Park, Space Taxi, Shadow Of The Colossus, Two Point Hospital