Retro Gamer Issue 178

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Published 22nd February

Inside issue 178: Our huge GoldenEye special features every Rare agent who worked on the game and discusses every aspect of its creation, from level design to staying faithful to the Bond licence.

The impact of GoldenEye
Martin Hollis, David Doak, Steve Ellis and the rest of the GoldenEye team reveal how they created the N64’s legendary first-person shooter

The Making Of…
The month we go behind the scenes of Oh Mummy, the hit 3DO racer, The Need For Speed and the PC FPS, Kingpin: A Life Of Crime

From The Archives
Paul Hughes reveals how a background in space simulators allowed Warthog Games to make its mark on the gaming industry

Ultimate Guide
This month we take to the dirt tracks and reveal everything you need to know about Sega’s arcade smash, Enduro Racer

The Evolution Of MUD
Richard Bartle explains the early origins of Multi User Dungeons and how we wouldn’t have the likes of World Of Warcraft without them

And much more, including…

Samurai Shodown, Commodore 64, Ranarama, CRL horror games, Charlie Ninja, GameCube controller, Minority Report: Wrestling games, Jane Whittaker, Crash Bandicoot, Thomas The Tank Engine