Retro Gamer Issue 173

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Published 5th October

Inside issue 173: Super Mario Sunshine had the difficult task of following the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64. Read how Yoshiaki Koizumi achieved this difficult task in our latest issue and how they carry over into new game, Super Mario Odyssey.

The Making Of Super Mario Sunshine
Discover how Nintendo created its sun-soaked sequel to the most important platform game of its time.

The History Of Chuck Rock
Bob Churchill tells us about the origins of Core Design’s prehistoric platforming hero.

Great Expectations
We take a look at the classic books that have been turned into videogames, from The Hobbit to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Ultimate Guides…
This month we reveal everything you need to know about the incredible Sauras run-and-gun, Shock Troopers.

The Making Of…
We go behind the scenes of the enjoyable graphic adventure Emerald Isle and discover how a team of games journalists created the Amiga blaster, Zeewolf.

Hardware Heaven
The Philips CD-i has been constantly criticised over the years but does it deserve that criticism? Find out this issue.

From The Archives
Key members of Sierra On-Line reveal what it was like working at the premier adventure company

And much more, including…

Laser Squad, Gyruss, Rasputin, Resident Evil, Satellaview, Rob Zdybel, Kirby And The Amazing Mirror, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Atari 800XL