Retro Gamer Issue 172

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Published 7th September

Inside issue 172: NEC’s PC Engine has turned 30. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we speak to the journalists that were wowed by the machine on its original release. Plus: Celebrate the resurrection of a classic magazine as Super Play returns for a one-off SNES Mini special!

ZX Spectrum: 35 Years, 35 Games
We speak to key coders who worked on the 8-bit machine and reveal the defining games for every year the system has existed.

Ultimate Guides…
We revisit Irem’s classic Moon Patrol and quiz Josh Fairhurst and Tyler Hogle about Night Trap.

The Making Of…
We go behind the scenes of the excellent C64 release, Mayhem In Monsterland and discover how Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth was made.

And much more, including…

Medal Of Honor, Phoenix, Game Gear, NES Advantage, Palace Of Magic, Andy Remic, NES Advantage, Rod-Land, M-Network, Dead Connection, Sunset Riders, Minority Report: Atari ST, Super Hang-On, Dragon Sword, Adrian Longland, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Mania