Retro Gamer Issue 171

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Published 10th August 2017

Inside issue 171: We speak to the Kings who have mastered Donkey Kong and discover why Nintendo’s hit arcade game is perfect for high score chasing. Plus: Discover why the isometric blaster, Zaxxon became one of Sega’s first big arcade hits.

Also inside:
- SNES Mini Special: We take a look at the 21 games that are powering Nintendo’s brand new miniature device and quiz Dylan Cuthbert about the surprise release of Star Fox 2.
- Simon Phipps Retrospective: The classic artist looks back at his career in videogames, from working on the likes of Rick Dangerous to making cutting-edge VR games.
- PocketStation Retrospective: We investigate the memory card/game device that Sony released for the PlayStation and consider why it didn’t reach the west.
- We go behind the scenes of the legendary Saboteur II, revisit the hit arcade game, Arch Rivals and discover how Natsume made its incredible shooter, Wild Guns.
- We take a look at the Sinclair QL and take Nintendo’s Super Scope down to the shooting range.
- From The Archives.. Discover how Introversion Software became the last of the bedroom programmers and what the team is currently up to.

And much more, including…

R-Type, Super Adventure Island, The Immortal, Aliens, Spider-Man, Enduro Racer, Undertale, Game Boy Advance, Mischief Makers, Dungeon Explorers, Shadowfax