Retro Gamer Issue 169

Retro Gamer Issue 169
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 169
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 169
Includes Shipping
Retro Gamer Issue 169
Includes Shipping
Inside issue 169: Our hard-hitting Virtua Fighter feature covers the making of the groundbreaking arcade hit with input from the legendary Yu Suzuki.
Plus: The Oliver twins celebrate 30 years of Dizzy and tell us about the new game they have planned for Spectrum Next.

Creating Virtua Fighter
- Discover how Yu Suzuki, Jeff Buchanan, Michael Latham and Tetsuya Kaku created their revolutionary 3D beat-’em-up.

The Impact Of Scramble
- Learn how Konami’s arcade introduced brand new concepts to the shoot-’em-up genre

30 Years Of Dizzy
- The Oliver twins and other key members behind the Dizzy franchise chart the success of the popular 8-bit hero

The Making of…
- We go behind the scenes of Koronis Rift, Redhawk, Chimera and Alien Front Online

Ultimate Guide
- Learn how to become the supreme master of Compile’s classic puzzler, Puyo Puyo

Hardware Heaven
- Everything you need to know about Nintendo’s Super Game Boy peripheral

From The Archives
- Learn how a group of disgruntled Atari employees formed the California-based Bally Sente

Developer Profile
- Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu looks back at staggering successful career

And much more, including…
Double Dragon, Flimbo’s Quest, Kirby’s Fun Pack, Vroom, Night Trap, Minority Report: Text Adventures, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Steel Battalion, Football Glory