Retro Gamer Issue 168

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Feel the force as we interview key members of the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron development team, including Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht. Plus: Marc Cerny discusses his lengthy career in videogames

The History Of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Discover how Factor 5 and LucasArts teamed up to create its sensational trilogy of Rogue Squadron games

40 Years Of The Commodore Pet
Find out how Commodore’s 8-bit home computer faced stiff competition from the likes of Apple

Ultimate Guide: Sly Spy
Everything you need to know about Data East’s loving homage to James Bond

The History of Alien Breed
Rico Holmes, Martyn Brown and other ex members of Team17 reveal how they created their hit sci-fi Amiga series

MSX Games: Best Of The West
We investigate the greatest games created for Microsoft’s 8-bit home computer

Developer Profile
The legendary Mark Cerny discusses an impressive career that’s spanned over 30 years

The Making Of…
We take a behind the scenes look at Nebulus, Out On A Limb and Half-Life 2