Retro Gamer 6 Months Bundle

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Retro Gamer is your essential guide to classic videogames magazine. Save 33% when you buy this Retro Gamer 6 month bundle which includes 6 issues of this award-winning magazine. Limited stock available!

Includes Retro Gamer Issues 190/191/192/193/194/195

Inside issue 190: Yoshiaki Hirabayashi looks back at Capcom’s hyper-charged sequel and reveals how he’s reinventing it for a new generation. We also look at the many spin-offs of Mario and take to the skies with Galaxy Force.

Inside issue 191: This month it’s a Bitmap Brothers special with two great articles dedicated to the hit developer. In addition to celebrating how the company helped make Nineties gaming cool, we also go behind the scenes of Gods and its brand-new remaster.

Inside issue 192: Takashi Tezuka and Shigefumi Hino explain how they reinvented the platformer with Yoshi’s Island, their sensational sequel to Super Mario World. We also chart the evolution of Head Over Heels with John Ritman and Bernie Drummond and chat to Julian Gollop about Mythos Games

Inside issue 193: Ed Boon explains how his brutal one-on-one brawler has evolved into one of gaming’s most popular franchises. We also chart the evolution of Paradroid, examine the stealth genre and speak to graphic artist, Stoo Cambridge about his interesting career 

Inside issue 194: Feel the burn as Alex Ward talks us through the excellent Burnout series, which helped reinvent the arcade racer. We also look at cult classic Skool Daze and speak to Raffaele Cecco about the evolution of Cybernoid

Inside issue 195: Our latest issue celebrates 50 years of Konami. In addition to our main feature that includes an interview with Nobuya Nakazato, we also look back at Contra III: The Alien Wars, one of Konami’s greatest run-and-guns. Additionally, there’s a fantastic 32-page supplement, which features 50 essential Konami games to experience. 

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