The CSC Camera Book

The CSC Camera Book
Includes Shipping
The CSC Camera Book
Includes Shipping
The CSC Camera Book
Includes Shipping
The CSC Camera Book
Includes Shipping
Published 26th April 2018

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The compact system camera market has rapidly grown in recent years, with more and more photographers opting for the mirrorless option over the bulkier DSLR. The CSC Camera book is the ultimate guide to mirrorless cameras, whether you are looking to buy your first CSC and need help picking the right one, or just want to know how to take your imagery to the next level, we’ve got it covered. In this brand new book we have rigorously tested over twenty of the best mirrorless cameras on the market from all of the key manufacturers, and have looked at a range of the best lenses.

We have interviewed professional photographers to find out why they switched from shooting with a DSLR to a CSC, and have included essential shooting tips and techniques that will help improve your photography today. Discover how to pose subjects for the best possible portraits, shoot landscapes that will stand out, perfect composition every time, and so much more!

Inside you'll find:
- What is a CSC?
- Pro interviews: Making the switch
- Buyer’s Guide Panasonic G9
- Panasonic GX9
- Panasonic GH5
- Lens buyer’s guide: Panasonic
- Sony Alpha 7R III
- Sony Alpha 9
- Sony Alpha 7S II
- Sony Alpha 6500
- Lens buyer’s guide: Sony
- Fujifilm X-H1
- Fujifilm X-T20
- Fujifilm GFX 50S
- Fujifilm X-Pro2
- Fujifilm X-T2
- Fujifilm X-E2S
- Lens buyer’s guide: Fujifilm
- Hasselblad X1D-50c
- Lens buyer’s guide: Hasselblad
- Leica M-D
- Leica TL2
- Leica SL
- Lens buyer’s guide: Leica
- Canon EOS M5
- Canon EOS M100
- Lens buyer’s guide: Canon
- Olympus Pen-F
- Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
- Lens buyer’s guide: Olympus
- Techniques
- The art of composition
- Master posing for portraits
- Shoot landscape photography
- 10 essential wildlife techniques
- Get more from the scene
- Tell a story in pictures
- Perfect your processing
- Build and maintain an image library

Page Count: 180