The Canon Camera Book (8th Edition)

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Published 21st December 2017

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For guidance on choosing the best model, mastering the essential modes and functions, and developing your shooting and editing techniques, The Canon Camera Book is the place to start! All with free assets and tutorials to help your further you skills.

Inside you'll find...
- Guide to Canon Camera
- Ultimate guide to Canon lenses
- Essential kit for your Canon
- One light portraits
- Master off-camera flash
- Fake a dark background
- Master pro landscape compositions
- Shoot in black and white
- Capture a mono seascape
- Shoot architecture
- Focus in low light
- Shoot sharper action
- Create and capture ribbons of light
- Learn to shoot macro like a pro
- Guide to Canon modes
- Frame like the pros with Canon
- Master metering
- Canon exposure exposed
- Master shutter speeds
- The essential guide to editing
- Fix your photos
- Subtly enhance portraits
- Master RAW conversion
- Make quick edits in Lightroom
- Edit with clipping masks in Photoshop
- Shoot sharper action