Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography

Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography
Includes Shipping
Published 31st May 2018

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Taking the leap into the world of wedding and event photography is often the first step that enthusiast photographers take on their journey to becoming a professional. It can be daunting, fast-paced and high-pressured, but it is also a highly rewarding and incredibly satisfying pursuit. Once you know your camera inside out and have mastered the key photographic techniques that will enable you to take top-quality imagery, it’s time to take that jump. Teach Yourself Wedding and Event Photography will guide you through the basics before taking it further and providing you with the knowledge to set up as a professional. Discover the key shots to capture on a couple’s special day, learn how to get clients and overcome tough conditions. Master live music photography and how to document events and functions professionally. We also explore a range of the best gear available to enable you to make an informed decision about your next kit purchase, and share essential career advice that will support you along the way. If you’re thinking of embarking on wedding and event photography you’ve got a challenge ahead of you, but the rewards are huge – so why not get started today?

Inside you'll find:
- Master wedding photography
- Take control of the big day
- Perfect wedding photos
- Photoshop guide to weddings
- Wet weather weddings
- Discover how to capture indoor events
- Document events professionally
- Make live music shots stand out
- Be inspired Help me get shots that rock
- The art of weddings
- 10 tips for success
- Master storyteller
- Kit zone Full-frame cameras
- UHS-I SD cards
- Budget telephoto zooms
- Camera clips & holsters
- Portrait lenses
- Reflector kits
- Wide-angle zooms
- Dedicated flashguns
- Monopods
- Wireless flash triggers
- Flashgun modifier kits
- Cloud storage
- Career advice Start a career in weddings
- Setting up as a wedding pro
- Photographing events and functions
- Is this the reason you’re not getting more business? 

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