Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography (2nd Edition)

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Published 14th June 2018

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Outdoor photography is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding areas in which a photographer can specialise. But battling with the elements, working with unpredictable creatures, and capturing movement can also make it one of the most challenging photography genres. The Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography book tackles popular subjects, from landscapes and seascapes to wildlife and nature, as well as sports and action photography. Discover incredible tips and tricks for getting the most out of your camera and creating images you feel proud to show off; read interviews with professional and amateur photographers alike; follow step-by-step guides on capturing and editing your outdoor photos; and discover techniques for mastering composition, lighting, essential kit and much more. This practical guide has useful hints for taking shots in all weather and seasons, so grab your camera, step outside and get creative!

Inside you'll find:
- Exciting new ways to shoot beautiful landscapes
- Frame of mind
- The secrets of great landscapes
- Capturing the moment
- Landscape photography shootout
- Refine the frame
- Coastal photography shootout
- Employ a polariser
- Add some mood lighting
- Create your own fog
- Wildlife & Nature
- Essential wildlife techniques
- Into the wild
- Wildlife photography shootout
- Take the long view
- Zoo photography shootout
- Garden photography
- Garden photography shootout
- Ring flowers with light
- Take a woodland portrait
- Travel & Action
- 26 ways to shoot sports and action
- Action cameras
- Shoot the streets
- Urban photography shootout
- London by moonlight
- Minimise noise
- An interview with David Clapp
- Travel photography shootout
- Broaden tonal range
- Chasing the aurora
- Relax, shoot, unwind
- Travel tripods
- Travel bags
- 5 pro tips for sharper shots
- Garden photography shootout

Page Count: 196